Topic Embedded Products

Topic Embedded Products provides a complete ecosystem of combinable and compatible embedded acceleration solutions. Our expertise in the field of embedded systems is put into practice by realizing the expanding Topic embedded products portfolio and helping our customers to realize theirs. Our products are distributed worldwide through a fast growing distribution network and via our online store. With our Dsign services we offer solid and accredited competences. We enable our customers to fast track their development with expertise, engineering capacity and productization. We take the greatest care in making sure both the hardware and the software part of our solutions are of the highest quality and support the latest tooling and kernel updates available.

Our products portfolio consists of:

Dyplo: Dynamic Process Loader, a patented solution, is an Operating System extension which enables simplified and integrated FPGA development from a software perspective. Dyplo provides developers with the ability to connect to various processing units of choice while dynamically loading, distributing and controlling tasks.

Miami SOM: System on Modules, based on Xilinx Zynq devices, combining dual core processors with FPGA fabric. Common-Of-The-Shelf, ready to use and certified solution to kick-start your application development. It is very suitable for rapid prototyping and production purposes.

KIT: A complete, ready-to-use out-of-the-box integrated embedded development platform, enabling the immediate start of your prototype developments. The KIT includes a variety of communication interfaces, visualization ports and data acquisition slots.

Florida: A range of development boards to fast-track medical and generic prototype development or feasibility studies carrying a Miami SOM. For PC acceleration a dedicated PCI express board is available for high through-put, high bandwidth data processing.

IPware: A collection of software IP and FPGA building blocks, ready to integrate in your embedded application.

Dsign: Embedded design services focused on the integration of the Topic Products portfolio in your embedded application. Think of carrier board customization, board support package enhancements, application software development, FPGA IP development, etc.

Topic Group

Topic Embedded Products is part of the Topic Group.

Topic was founded in 1996 and is 100% privately owned. This, combined with a business focus on highest quality embedded design services, a clear vision of the future of embedded systems and a competent crew of skilled professionals makes Topic a decisive and future-oriented company.

Topic over the years

Topic Embedded Systems, outsourcing

Between 1996 and 2006 Topic specialized in software development in the embedded world, primarily focused on secondment (outsourcing).

Only best in class engineers are selected to work for Topic. Once selected, Topic-ers are supported intensively in their career development and motivated to continue to outperform.

Topic wants to be embedded in their people and customers future, always aiming for the best for them and taking the utmost care in building and maintaining relationships, being a solid partner to both. Many of our customers value the Topic approach, awarding Topic year after year as preferred supplier.

Topic Embedded Systems, Digital Hardware Expert

Over the years, Topic saw the world of (embedded) software development and (digital) hardware development moving closer together. Good understanding of both embedded software and hardware development, including the integration of these worlds, form vital elements to build a successful end-product.

Since 2006 Topic has broadened its scope and specialized also in digital hardware/board development and FPGA design soon belonging to the core competence of the rapidly growing organization.


Topic Projects

Topic spotted another need in the embedded market around the same time-line: carefree embedded systems development for end-customers. Topic started Topic Projects, an organization focused on in-house product development. As always driven by quality, Topic soon acquired the ISO 13485 certificate, which allows Topic to build medical products for their customers. A niche expertise valued by medical customers and customers looking for a partner with a proven quality process track record.

Xilinx Premier Partner

Topic has been Xilinx Alliance Partner for many years. Topic’s software view on hardware, as well as our expert hardware knowledge, had triggered Xilinx to invite us for the Xilinx Premier Partnership. After a rigid assessment, we were rewarded with this status in April 2013. We are very proud of this exclusive status, which we only share with a handful of other companies worldwide. Our partnership has allowed us to embed even deeper into the hardware world, as we are currently kept up to date with the latest on Xilinx All Programmable products and UltraFast Design Methodology. This knowledge is obviously used in our products and services for your advantage!


Topic Embedded Products

Over the years, Topic experienced the usual hurdles trying to integrate hardware and software platforms. Where productivity gain was realized in nearly all involved disciplines (e.g. abstract programming languages, Agile way-of-working, code generation tools), the integration of FPGA devices in PC or embedded processor systems remained a struggle. Over and over it was required to write your own interface logic, the involved software drivers, the integration effort and the total difference in development approach between software and hardware systems. It was time for change!

With the coming of the Zynq System on Chip of Xilinx (a solution which combines an ARM dual core processor and FPGA physically on the same silicon) FPGA and software are more closely integrated the ever before! With the same problems arising as always. This triggered the development of Topic Embedded Products solutions to accelerate development, time-to-market and the embedded systems themselves.

The first product Topic started to develop was Dyplo, our Dynamic Process Loader. The Dyplo concept is born from the believe that developers should be provided with the ability to connect to various processing units of choice while dynamically loading, distributing and controlling tasks.

The next product launched was the Miami System-on-Module, based on the Xilinx Zynq devices. This module reduces the board development time significantly by integrating all required resources around the processor on the board (memory, clocking, power supplies, etc) and providing all FPGA I/O on a high-performance header. Combined with a Linux OS and Dyplo, a software programmable FPGA platform is available common-of-the-shelve.

This portfolio of development acceleration solutions is completed with a range of development boards, development kits, IP blocks for software and FPGA and design services to assist customers with the integration of their designs. The roadmap of products to come is focusing on further acceleration of design productivity and performance.

When you want to develop your product, ideally you are looking for a company with ready-to-go software and FPGA building blocks and proven expertise in both fields. This will help you to fast-track to market against predictable cost and with solid quality due to proven track-record of the high quality building blocks integrated in your product.

This is exactly what Topic can deliver: the combination of solid common-off-the-shelve products, design time reduction by means of IP blocks and design-in expertise. This makes Topic Embedded Products the ideal partner for accelerated embedded product development.