When creating applications you want to be in full control of the development process and the end result. With this in mind and build on our years of embedded development experience, we designed our tools and products. We deliver products to accelerate your development cycle, reduce design risks and increase the success factor. With these products we deliver architectural and engineering solutions to address typical now-a-days development tasks. The products are designed to be complementary and provide means for future enhancements.


The solutions we offer cover a broad range of the embedded development cycle, including system-on-modules, development kits and cross-platform runtime application control. Each of the solutions in themselves have a high added value in terms of development productivity, design quality and reliability. The solutions together are complementary and together they form a powerful combination to boost your embedded capabilities.

The following overview gives some insight in the compatibility aspects within the product portfolio:

Miami System-on-Modules

  • Currently 3 flavors based on the Xilinx Zynq XC7Z015, XC7ZC030 (exchangeable modules) and Kintex.
  • The size of the board and the choice of the connectors enable a roadmap for expansion of the Miami SoM family with other processing devices.
  • The programmable power supplies of the Miami ensure apart from mechanical interface compatibility also electrical compatibility.

Development kits and Florida carrier boards

  • The carrier boards define a lot of state-of-the-art connectors allowing for many different applications. Depending on your needs, changing a Miami SoM for a higher or perhaps lower performance device can be realized with little effort.


  • Dyplo® can obviously also be used on other hardware platforms besides our products. However, our boards come with standard reference designs to ease your development. When required, all building blocks experienced in our reference design can be purchased from our IP catalogue.