Dyplo provides application portability across hardware and software!

The market requires dedicated solutions to optimize the products for performance and price. This implies modifications in your product line in terms of new hardware and software. How can you keep up with this every increasing development pace?

Modern embedded systems incorporate an ever increasing variety of programmable processing cores. For efficiency and performance purposes you would like to be able to move parts around between these cores without having to reprogram the entire system or having to create new interfaces as is currently required. Dyplo® delivers a development and deployment infrastructure which allows you to develop and control applications from a common code base. This code base remains constant over the architectural modifications by providing defined interfaces for its infrastructure and using POSIX interfaces to the operating system. This enables you to integrate the FPGA executed functions in your software application code.

Specific processor cores are optimized for specific tasks. Parts of your application run perfectly on one core, but not on another. Often when you start designing it is impossible to anticipate on all system modifications and predict new bottle necks. By using Dyplo®, your code can be moved between the various processor cores. Your platform can be an FPGA, an embedded processor or controller and of course also a System-on-Chip like Xilinx Zynq®. Based on your application context you can decide which processing core executes a particular part of the code. Dyplo® seamlessly fits into your existing development flow without the need of to recode the application. This enables you to anticipate on changes in platform devices yet to come. In the end, it will help you abstract your application from the implementation architecture and make your application, and therefore your intellectual property, more future proof.