Dyplo, Miami improve the performance per Watt ratio!

Embedded products are nowadays following the trend with commercial products. Decreasing size, improving performance and increasing battery lifetime. Is it possible to use FPGA’s in such environment?

Traditionally PC-based platforms are selected for ease-of-programming, fast time-to-market or availability of programming engineers. With the Xilinx Zynq® System-on-Chip (SOC) based Miami SoM in combination with Dyplo®, you can approach performances similar to common desktop PC systems at fraction of the volume and power consumption.

Product - Dyplo-new

Miami System-on-Module (SOM) provides superior ratios at a nominal form factor of just 65mmx68mm. These modules combine a 1 GHz dual core ARM processor with FPGA logic and hundreds of concurrent executing DSP kernels. This unleashes over 50 Giga multiply-accumulate (MAC) operations per second on your platform, competing with high-end GPU solutions. Dyplo® makes these platforms even more efficient. With Dyplo® the FPGA core is only used when its performance is needed: in its idle state, the core uses no energy at all!

Combine Dyplo® with our Miami Som and Kit solutions and start saving energy and reduce your eco footprint.