Press Overview

Dyplo goes space

Space FPGA Users Workshop orginized by ESA Featuring Topic Products presenting Dyplo by Dirk van den Heuvel Due to the upcoming project between Topic Products and ESA, Topic has been asked to present and demo the Dyplo Solution during the 3rd SEFUW workshop to more then 160 participants. Topic will implement Dyplo onto a space

System on Modules: Make or Buy?

Over recent years more and more SoM solutions have become available in the market. How can this trend influence your time to market and development organization? The use of System-on-Modules is becoming more and more popular. A major benefit is the reuse of development- and production expertise in combination with design complexity reduction and time-to-market.

Major step: Dyplo in Vivado IP catalog Xilinx

We are proud to announce that Dyplo is available in the Vivado IP Catalog of Xilinx as part of the Vivado 2015.3 release. This release has been published the beginning of October. By being part of the IPI catalog it is even simpler for new customers to experience the benefits of our product. Only select

The impact of enabling threaded applications on low power acceleration platforms

Performance, performance, performance! With the increasing need for processing vast data volumes a trend becomes apparent where more processing capacity is needed for increasing amounts of applications. An interesting development of the last years can be observed. Where the geometry of silicon structures keeps pace with Moore’s law, the increase in processing speed is not!

Simple to use Partial Reconfiguration

Having architectural and implementation flexibility in nowadays complex designs is a must. Anticipating ever changing product requirements and market changes makes this mandatory. With the increasing need to use FPGAs to meet current performance requirements, this is not a simple task. FPGA devices are typically used in a static manner. After solid verification and testing

Topic entering third year as Premier Member of Xilinx

What does it mean to be a Premier Member? Xilinx has a partner ecosystem, called the Xilinx Alliance Program with three capability levels: Member, Certified and Premier Member. Xilinx Premier Members demonstrate the highest level of market and technology specific expertise and pre-qualified solutions delivered through Xilinx All Programmable technologies. Read more

Embedded World Exhibition 2015

Topic Products will be represented at the Embedded World 2015.
NEW! Topic Embedded Products will launch a new member of the Florida carrier board family!

Dyplo goes Japan

Topic Embedded Products will feature its products on the largest exhibition in Japan.

Bits & Chips

Dirk van den Heuvel from Topic Embedded Products explains how developers can benefit on using the Dyplo- Framework offered by Topic.

Dyplo goes China

Topic Embedded Products will feature its portfolio of Embedded Systems during the IPC & Embedded Expo in Shenzhen.

Topic Embedded Products at High-Tech Systems 2014

May 7-8, Topic Embedded Products will be showcasing its products DYPLO, Miami and Florida at the High-Tech Systems 2014 in ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.
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