Space FPGA Users Workshop orginized by ESA

Featuring Topic Products presenting Dyplo by Dirk van den Heuvel

Due to the upcoming project between Topic Products and ESA, Topic has been asked to present and demo the Dyplo Solution during the 3rd SEFUW workshop to more then 160 participants.

Topic will implement Dyplo onto a space qualified platform enabling ESA to conduct further experiments with Dyplo for the space industry.

The event was a real success. Both the presentation and demo went very well, with lots of interested companies active in space or related domains wanting to learn more about the unique capabilities of Dyplo.

The demo was featuring the use of the Dyplo Framework to enable runtime reuse of the FPGA fabric by making intensive use of the partial reconfiguration technology from Xilinx. Time-multiplexing of functions into the FPGA fabric in combination with runtime dynamic swapping in a controlled environment is a hot topic in the space industry. The anticipated result would mean faster time-to-space and lower cost-in-space.

The short video below demonstrates the showcased demo