We are proud to announce that Dyplo is available in the Vivado IP Catalog of Xilinx as part of the Vivado 2015.3 release. This release has been published the beginning of October.

Dyplo Vivado IP catalog

By being part of the IPI catalog it is even simpler for new customers to experience the benefits of our product.

Only select Xilinx Alliance Partners have IP listed in the Vivado IP Catalog after following the UltraFAST design methodology and testing best practices.

Dyplo is a unique product fully enabling software  defined hardware development, taking care of full CPU and FPGA integration and offering a complete infrastructure including runtime reconfiguration of parts of the FPGA fabric. This gives the FPGA the same characteristics as a CPU including OS-like support.

“Xilinx is very excited to have Topic’s Dyplo IP included within the Vivado IPI Catalog for 2015.3. The Dyplo IP offers customers the ability to dynamically allocate, load and free regions within the Zync SoC FPGA fabric domain, thereby accelerating functions normally executed in the CPU’s domain” said Mark Jensen, Director, Corporate Software Strategy and Marketing at Xilinx.

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