Demonstrating Unique Capabilities of Dyplo with Zynq All-Programmable SOC in Xilinx Booth at ARM TechCon Show

Topic Embedded Systems has teamed up with Xilinx, Inc., to jointly define and create a reference design platform for development and deployment of clinical patient monitoring systems that combines the power of Dyplo and the Zynq All Programmable SOC. This platform uniquely allows medical equipment manufacturers to drag and drop sensor algorithms between the processor and the FPGA fabric and instantly observe the resulting tradeoffs in performance and power consumption. Topic is one of 12 worldwide companies to have exclusive Premier Partnership with Xilinx, and will be in the Xilinx booth demonstrating a medical signal analysis application at the ARM TechCon show in Santa Clara, California, October 1-2.

“Our Premier Partner Topic Embedded systems has combined their deep understanding of the requirements of software development flows with extensive medical industry experience to help us create a development platform that showcases the best capabilities of our All Programmable Zynq SOC, in this specific case for medical applications,” said Christoph Fritsch, director of marketing for the industrial, scientific and medical segments at Xilinx. “The Dyplo development process abstracts the details of FPGA design, allowing medical systems developers to leverage their existing investments in software and take full advantage of the increased performance a hardware accelerated solution.”

The Dyplo framework, developed by Topic, integrates seamlessly with multiple Xilinx development tools including High Level Synthesis, Partial Reconfiguration and the Vivado Design Suite to generate all required hardware and software programming files. Dyplo then acts as a middleware component to the operating system that abstracts the hardware from the application layer and manages dynamic hardware and software configuration at runtime to achieve system performance and power savings over processor-only implementations.

The handheld hardware development platform, developed by Topic, includes the Miami System-on-Module (SOM) which comes configured with either a Zynq XC7015 or ZC7030 device. The SOM is mounted onto the Florida carrier board that has a 10-inch TFT touchscreen panel, SD Card slot, Wifi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI and 16 24bit, 32 KHz A/D channels for ECG/EMG/EEG electrodes. The hardware is compliant with ISO13485, EN 55021 class A and IEC 61000-4-2 EMC requirements, dramatically reducing product development risk. The Miami SOMs are available for separate purchase from Topic for customers that want to further accelerate time to market.

Complete development kits will be available for purchase directly from Topic in October, starting at $X. These include the Miami SOM with a ZC7030 device, Florida carrier board, 8 electrode leads, trial license of Dyplo, medical reference design files and Linux kernel in a robust flight case.

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