To speed up your development and reduce your project risks TOPIC delivers a complete eco-system of hardware and software building blocks. All building blocks are compatible with the Dyplo®/Miami infrastructure and can be seen as clickable puzzle pieces.

Dynamic process loader

TOPIC Embedded Products has developed an operating system like infrastructure on FPGAs and processors that will significantly reduce the development time, cost and complexity of products based on FPGA+processor System-on-Chips, like the Zynq® of Xilinx, or solutions like PC and FPGA combinations. Our dynamic process loader bridges the gap between FPGA and software design, providing a means to enable a fully software-driven FPGA and software development flow.

Systems on Modules

The Miami System on Module (SoM) family is a highly integrated and compact off-the-shelf solution for today’s high performance embedded systems. It runs a state-of-the-art Linux distribution enabling an out-of-the-box design start experience.

System on modules
Boards & kits

Using the Florida development kits and carrier-boards for the Miami SoM a quick and hassle-free start of system development and prototyping is guaranteed.




Boards & Kits
IP blocks & Software

In product design you want to concentrate on the unique selling points of your product, on those items that differentiate you from the competition.

IP Ware
Design services

If you need any assistance developing your system, our Dsign organization can support you by developing parts of your system as a service or perform customization services based on the standard products. This helps you to fast-track your application to the marker against manageable costs and solid quality.

Design services