The development kit is a combination of your choice of Miami SoM module and Florida Carrier Board complete with Dyplo-on-board, touch screen, reference designs (audio, video and medical), individual case and full set of cables. Currently, the following versions are available: Medical Development Kit, Generic Development Kit, PCIe Development Kit.

The Kit comes with a complete and maintained Linux BSP, downloadable via GitHub (topicembedded-product/meta-topic) including OpenEmedded and BitBake supported build environment. Dyplo®, the operating system extension for FPGA and CPU integration, is provide with the kit. With Dyplo®, you are able to develop your application software, including FPGA executed functionality, completely from a software perspective.

The development kit offers a complete system, including display, communication interface and specific data interface. It is extremely suitable for new project development due to the complete and comprehensive board support package as well as the features on the border and allows you to take advantage of the powerful Zynq® technology. Providing a dual core ARM Cortex A9 processor in combination with FPGA fabric.

Xilinx and the Topic Medical Development Platform

Kamran Khan, Medical Product Marketing Manager at Xilinx, and Rieny Rijnen, CEO of Topic Embedded Products, share the latest advancements in Topic’s Medical Development Platform enabled by the Xilinx Zynq All Programmable SoC, that together tackle the increasing demands on medical devices with more features at lower costs.

Datasheets & Specifications

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Development Kit leaflet (pdf)
Miami Leaflet (pdf)
Florida Leaflet (pdf)
Dyplo leaflet (pdf)
Development Kit 传单(pdf)
Miami 传单(pdf)
Florida 传单 (pdf)
Dyplo 传单 (pdf)

Florida GEN Development Kit / Miami XC7Z015

Florida GEN Development Kit / Miami XC7Z030

Florida MED Development Kit / Miami XC7Z015

Florida MED Development Kit Miami XC7Z030