Dyplo® on Zynq®

  • The next step in data and signal acceleration
  • Simplified Zynq® development
  • Out-of-the-box integration of CPU & FPGA
  • Proven development time reduction of 30%
  • FPGA programming made software-friendly
  • Runtime re-use of FPGA fabric
  • Plug-in IP blocks, zero integration effort
  • Architectural freedom

Introduction Zynq Platform

The Zynq® family from our partner Xilinx is a system-on-chip combination of a processor (CPU) and a FPGA. This solution with both CPU and FPGA physically integrated on the same silicon offers many processing acceleration opportunities.

FPGAs are typically used to resolve complex calculation tasks with unsurpassed performance. FPGA processing solutions have become the industries choice across many different domains.

Combined with a multi-core processor a huge potential of calculation power is available.

Only down part of this solution is a difficult programming model.

In essence this is what Dyplo® solves.

Datasheets and leaflets


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Dyplo Leaflet (pdf)
传单 (pdf)
Dyplo for PCIe Leaflet (pdf)
Bits & Chips (Dutch, pdf)
Xilinx and Topic Casestudy (pdf)
Xilinx Xcell Dyplo by Topic (pdf)