Accelerate our customers development is key in everything we do! The Miami family of System-on-Modules (SoM) follows this vision as part of our total ecosystem of embedded acceleration solutions. Reduce the complexity of your design and effort by introducing a Miami SoM. The Miami provides an off-the-shelf high complexity computation platform with a easy to use interface.

As part of our ecosystem the Miami SoM is fully combinable and compatible with the other products in our embedded hard-and software portfolio. Due to its industrial grade and certifications it offers an high quality off-the-shelf solution for today, build with the future in mind.

Best in class

High performance

The Miami SoM targets solutions in need for high performance computing, data throughput and algorithmic processing. FPGA technology offers unparalleled computational power with small footprints, relative low power consumption and high data bandwidth. Miami SoMs combine FPGA technology with generic processing platforms for maximum programming flexibility, communication capabilities and user interfaces. The combination of processor and FPGA technology eliminates the short comings of these individual units.

Industrial graded and certified

The Miami SoM is composed of industrial graded components and has been subjected to several relevant environmental tests. These tests include humidity, temperature, shock, vibration and EMC/EMI tests. The reports are available on request.

This allows it to not only to be used for prototyping purposes but also as a component in your end product.

Maintained Linux BSP

Every Miami comes with a high quality mainline Linux distribution and board support package. Configuration support is offered for Yocto and OpenEmbedded. The Linux distribution is actively maintained by Topic Embedded Products to guarantee the latest fixes, features and improvements in kernel, drivers and boot loader. Special attention is given to the bootloader: Booting to the command prompt takes less than 2 seconds, graphical user interface is reached within 7 seconds. The distribution is open source and available via GitHub.

Support by specialists

Topic Embedded Products provides helpdesk support to assist you with installation and programming issues and product related questions. Furthermore, Topic Embedded Products also offers product tailoring services to help you integrate our products in your application. This includes design integration, board support package customization and application development.